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AVAS Accounting System

avas account system

Agile multiuser financial accounting system.  This can manage several fiscal years at once and was developed specially for professional accountants. Currently this is released only in spanish language. In addition to the standard balance sheets and accounting statements, AVAS have a report generator very versatile that allow you to generate an infinity of different reports according to unplanned needs. We trust in the Relational SQL Firebird database engine to manage all data into the AVAS system.

 NOTE: The taxing modules is accomplished according to the argentinean regulatory laws, but may be easily configurated to another requirements.

To obtain more information about AVAS please access to the online manual.

In order to be a registered user and receive technical support via email you will need to acquire a license for one or more modules according with your needs. Please download it from the download page or purchase a license from the purchase page.