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 AVLock Gold is a component developed for the following platforms: .NET, VCL(Delphi/BCB) and ActiveX. AVLock simplify the creations of trials, it is quite ease to use and allow you to manage several kind of protections for your application as well as enabel/disable modules into your app and manage licenses into a network environment.


When I designed AVLockGold, the major goal was make it ease to use. I think this objective has been successfully accomplished.

  • Add only one line of code to your current project to convert it to a fully featured trial application. However, there are other lines that you may add to make a better use of AVLock.
  • New methods to help you to make easily your own registration form
  • Manage all tasks from only one location, the AVLockManager utility.

The AVLock Gold package includes PHP key generators, you can use these scripts to implement an online key generator for your site. Below are the links to access to two generators implemented in our site. With the first one you must to enter all needed data, for the second you only enter the InstallCode value:


Security highly improved in version 5.x.

  • Strong Rijndael encryption used for Registrations Keys and all data saved in the registry and sensitive files.
  • The tmNone option for the TrialMode property allow you to implement a very safe trial management.
  • With the new encrypted avconfig.ini file, all risky about the configuration data has been taked out from the exe file, avoiding so possible hacking meddlings.

The registration form was carefully designed to give it an modern and nice look.

  • Place your own logo into the registration form.
  • Change the background color and font properties.
  • Make your own registration interface.
  • The standard interface of AVLock Gold allow you to define your own customized messages for several special status.
  • Congratulations while the trial period.
  • Warning for shortly expiration.
  • Message for expired application.
  • Messaje when the application starts with the option "TrialMode" = "tmNone".
  • Messaje for a registered application.

For more information please go to the Online manual, also you can download the manual in the chm format or download the full free package from the download page.