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delphinet2For Delphi and .NET platforms



This is a new feature introduced in version 2. As we saw in section "Install the User-Panel", configuration data are stored in the file conf.php shown below:




We also saw that this file can be modified with a text editor, taking care not to modify the first 5 lines that are related to the database.


From version 2 it is also possible to modify these data from the Dev-Panel with the "Options" icon options01.


This is the OPTIONS screen, accessed from the "Options" icon:




The red framed section contains the same options as the conf.php file that we saw, and the blue framed section contains options added in version 2 that allows you to customize the look of the User-Panel. Below we describe each of them:


Color Scheme

Here you can select colors to use for the boxes for products and other elements that appear in the User-Panel.


Menu Style

Allow to select the style of the top menu in the User-Panel. Below we see the three styles available:




Show Header in Homepage

Allow to display/hide the header box for the User-Panel homepage.


Show Company

If this option is checked, in emails sent to users, the company will be appended to the username between brackets. For example in my case would be "Alcides Valega (AV-SOFT)".


Header Title

The text entered in this field will be used as the site name and title of the  header box.


Header Message

The text entered in this field will be used as the description of the header box.