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delphinet2For Delphi and .NET platforms

Register it For Free from the AV-SOFT Site


The first thing you must do is enter to the AV-LOCK Subscriptions site:, then get a free subscription to the AVLock SS for a period of 90 days. This is the AV-SOFT home page.




Here in the product section AVLock SS v2.x has two buttons; one that takes you to the page of documentation and other "Get It For Free" that leads to the product page shown below. In this page click on the header area to display the options.




Click the "Register for free" button to register AVLock SS for free by 90 days and you will be redirected to the login page:




As you are not yet registered, click on "Create Account" and enter your information in the screen shown below:




After entering your data, enter the number you see in the picture (Captcha) to verify that you are human and not a bot. After clicking [Submit] will be sent an email to continue with the registration process. The LOGIN form will be displayed again as shown below:




Before proceeding with this form you must go to your mailbox to confirm your request.

You will receive an email like the following:



Dear user,

Your registration request is ready to be applied with the following data:


First Name: xxxxxxx

Last Name : xxxxxxxx

Email     : xxxxxxxxxx

Company   : xxxxxxxxxxxx

Phone     : xxxxxxxxx

Street    : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

City      : xxxxxxxxxxx

Zip       : xxxx

State     : xxxx

Country   : xxxxxxxxxx

If you agree please click the following link to generate your account: . . . . .

After click an email will be sent to you with your account credentials.


Best regards,

The AVLock team.



After clicking the link, will see the following message in the browser:

"Registration successfully applied.. An email has been sent to you with more details."


NOTE: If you already are registered with the email you entered, you will get this other message:

"Registration can not be applied. . (Error: Email Already Exists). An email has been sent to you with more details."


If the registration was successful will receive a new email like this:


Dear user,

Your registration request has been successfully accomplished.

These are your license credentials:


Email    :

Password : xxxxxx


Best regards,

The AVLock Team.



To continue the process must return to the form LOGIN, indtroducir your email and password and click [Submit]. You will see the following screen:




After clicking [OK] your subscription page will be presented with all your account details and links to downloads, renovations and upgrades:




Clicking on the header area of the subscription "AVLock SS v2.x Standard" additional information will be displayed:



Download the package, copy it to any folder and unzip thus obtaining the following folders schema on your hard disk, assuming you did the installation in C:\AV-Soft\ss2std.