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delphinet2For Delphi and .NET platforms


sslogo40If you develop applications in Delphi or Visual Studio, this product can be extremely useful for you.

Why we developed AVLock SS?

We needed a system for our site of subscriptions with some special features. After a long search for paid and free systems that meet with our needs, we decided to develop our own system, AVLock SS, we are using to sell and control the use of our soft products. Take a walk by This is the implementation of AVLock SS on our own site. You also can use it, please do not miss this opportunity.

Outstanding features of AVLock SS:

- It will allow you to sell your soft products over the Internet using PayPal or other payment methods.

- All sales process is fully automated so that immediately after the payment the user can access their account and download the product.

- For each user who buys a product, AVLock SS automatically initiates an account subscription valid for a fixed period, usually 90, 180 or 360 days. While the user account is active it will have access to download updates and request support.

- You can define Renewals which extends the initial period in a certain number of days, usually 90, 180 or 360. The user does not need to wait for the expiry of the initial period to apply new periods, due that the new periods will be accumulated to the earlier ones.

- You can optionally configure AVLock SS in order to stop working your application on the user PC when the associated user account is inactive, due the expiry of the authorized period or due that you manually disabled the user's account.

- You can define messages to be sent automatically to users in the form of emails when the user account is in special situations such as when almost time to expire.

- You can define discounts for early payment and warn the user through predefined emails to be automatically sent when the days remaining to have effect is soon to expiry

- You can define messages to be sent to users in the form of emails. The process in this case is manual and can include all users or only to a group established by a filter.

- You can define discount coupons by percentage or fixed value, applicable to all cases or only the initial purchase.

- Define News that will be displayed in the "News" menu of the User-Panel and optionally in the user application.

- Throughout this documentation you can find many more useful features to help you succeed with your soft products.

How we develop AVLock SS

There are several technologies involved in the development of this product:

The User-Panel, a Web application, is developed in PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Uses popular Bootstrap framework. and the database is MySql.

The OLM consists of PHP scripts.

The Dev-Panel is developed in Delphi.

The application can be developed both, Delphi and .NET. The package includes examples for Delphi versions from D5 to XE7, and for .NET are examples in C# using Visual Studio 2013.

Parts that make AVLock SS

Below we see the main elements of AVLock Subscription System:


1.  MySql DataBase

All subscriptions system data are stored in tables in a MySql database located on a web-hosting service, which access directly or indirectly all system components. Here are saved the definitions for soft products to be offered to users, subscription periods, pricing, definitions of updates and upgrades, payment methods, user registration and subscriptions, coupons, transactions and payments and much more.

2. OLM

It consists of three PHP scripts: olms.php, libs.php and conf.php. Its function is to transfer data between the application and the MySql database.

3. User Panel

It is the Front-End of the subscription system. It consists of a web application written in PHP that works together with a MySql database. Our site is the User-Panel of our implementation of AVLock SS. Your web site not necessarily will look like this due there are several configuration options to customize it.

4. Developer Panel

It is the Back-End of the Subscription System. It is a program for Windows developed in Delphi that allows the developer to manage all subscriptions data.

5. Application

This is your application which should be linked to your AVLock SS site in order to allow control it. For its implementation should follow the examples included in the package for Delphi or .NET.

Will have to copy some files distributed to the folder where you develop your application and insert a few lines of code.

Also for your users, to register the application will be a trivial task, should only enter its email and password to link the application to their subscription.