New User from the Dev-Panel

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Agregar Usuarios desde el Dev-Panel.


When you decides to adopt AVLock SS as its platform for sales and licenses control, you probably have a certain amount of existing users who you wish to add to the list of users in AVLock SS. This task must be done from the users screen.


Returning to our example, we see that a user already exists "Alcides Valega" we have created it from the User-Panel. Now we will add a new user from the Dev-Panel. So from the Users screen we open the "Add New User" form as seen in the image below:




After entering the data we click on [OK] to add the new user, then receive the message "Record Inserted".





See below the new user added.





We can also add a subscription to the user. We click on the Add Subscription icon and enter the data entry form for the new subscription; the product, the editing, the authorized period, the authorized machines, etc.





Optionally we can also define early payment discounts for renewals and upgrades.

After clicking on [Ok] we are informed that the new record has been added.