Payment Gateways

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Define Payment Gateways


Then define two payment gateways. One for PayPal and other "OFFLINE" to manage payments through other methods such as cash, bank transfer, money order, etc.. that normally are not instantly and requires some time to be completed. Below we can see as PayPal is defined.




Below we can see how is defined  the OFFLINE gateway.




To test PayPal there are a service called PayPal Sandbox. To use it you must modify the configuration section in the libs.php file.


To test with the "sandbox" use the following line:

     $paypal_url    = ""; //Paypal Sandbox URL


To use the real PayPal site (live) use the following line:

      $paypal_url    = ""; //Paypal Live Site URL


To use the Sandbox also have to create two PayPal fictitious users,  for the vendor and the buyer.

For the Sandbox set the $paypal_email variable into libs.php with the vendor fictitious email. Then for the user payments use the fictitious email for the buyer.


Once defined the payment gateways we need to link it with the product.






Below we see already linked both payment gateways: