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We have already seen how to register a paid product by paying by PayPal, we will now see how to renew the subscription.


Renewing the subscription


Let us see how to renew a subscription:





We click on the "Renew now" under the 90-day renewal button. see on the screen the form below. See you there payment options through PayPal and OFFLINE which are the two methods that have previously configured. There is also a place to enter a coupon code:





We introduce LN145A discount code and click on "Apply" and see how this is implemented a discount of $ 1.74 is made. After we click on the "PayPal" icon and go to the next screen:




We are informed that after payment is made, the changes will be applied to your subscription automatically. After clicking on the "Checkout with PayPal" we are redirected to the PayPal site (in this case Sanbox) for payment.



After you enter your paypal email (real or fictional sandbox) and enter the password, click on the Login button. In moments the following screen will be displayed:




After clicking on "Pay Now" payment process will be completed and emails with information about the transaction will be sent. Three emails, one to the user <user-email> another to the email for the Payer <sanbox-user-email> or <paypal-user-email> and other for the main email address of  your site <main-email>.


From the User-Panel now we see that the 90-day renewal has been applied and now the due date is June-20-2014.




Payment with Tax Rate

If you enter a Tax Rate (20% in the example). The checkout screens will look as follow: