The Licensor

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The Licensor (License Generator)


Along with the application example we include the Licensor utility. This utility allows users to register applications on computers that do not have internet access.


Below is the files scheme for the Licensor utility:




It shares several files with the sample application and is located in the same folder. Note that shares with the example application the conf.pas file, so its modification affect both projects. Once compiled and running, you will see the following screen:




You must run this utility on a computer with internet connection, place the email and password corresponding to their registration in the User-Panel and place the Mac Code from the computer that does not have internet for which you want to generate the license. After entering this data must click on the "Generate License File" button, then from a dialog box you can select the destination to save the generated file. You can save it to a memory stick and then copy it to the application folder on the destination computer. The generated file is of type * .avr eg FMZY2D8J.avr.


In the sample application we have also included this functionality which is accessed from the "License Generator" button. The advantage of including it in the application is that if the user has already registered the application on your computer, email and password are automatically entered and should only enter the Mac Code.