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delphinet2For Delphi and .NET platforms



This is a new feature introduced in version 2. which inserts information boxes on pages of the User-Panel.

Access this option with this icon tips_05

This is the Tips screen:




Here we see that already exist 3 tips, we'll edit the first one. With the "Edit" icon we access to the edit tip screen:




A tip consists of a title and body as shown in the image above. Let us briefly each of the options on this screen:



This option defines the type of frame for the tip. The options are:

No Frame, Simple White, Simple Light-Gray, Simple Light-Blue, Simple Light-Green, Simple Light-Red, Simple Light-Pink,  Simple Light-Brown, Simple Gray,  Simple Blue,  Simple Green,  Simple Red,  Simple Pink,  Simple Brown,  With Head White,  With Head Gray,  With Head Blue,  With Head Green,  With Head Red.


Below we see the look of the box generated for some of these options:






There are two modes of presentation; Fixed and Veering.

With the fixed mode, tips are shown separately, for example if there are three tips defined as fixed, these are presented one after the other.

In Veering mode, each time the page starts randomly presents one of all tips defined as veering.



In this section select the pages where you want to display the tip.



Determines the order in which the tips are presented. The position in the range 1-99 will be presented in the upper area, before the page content and if it is 100 or greater will be presented after the content.



If checked as disabled the tip will not be displayed.


TITLE y BODY (Configuración)

Each of these sections have the same set of options for defining the type and size of the text to be displayed as the title and as the body of the tip.


TITLE y BODY (Contenido)

In these text boxes enter the text you want to be displayed as the title and as the body of the tip..


With the "Edit" button we are redirected to the EDIT BUTTONS screen where we can create buttons to be presented into the tip after the content. Below we see this screen with two buttons already created:




To add a new button we enter the caption and link, then we select the options; size (size), Color, and Link type. The Link type can be Internal or external. Select Internal for internal pages such as products.php, and select External to link to external sites such as After entering the data, the [Add] button will be enabled in order to save the new defined button.


To edit or delete a button must select it from the list, then the data will be shown at the top area and the Delete and Update buttons are displayed. We can modify the data then click Update to save changes, or click Delete to delete the tip. Below we can see a tip with three buttons.