Install the Dev-Panel

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delphinet2For Delphi and .NET platforms






The Dev-Panel developed in Delphi is a Windows application that allows you to interact with information on the web server. From there you must create records for their products. The data you enter here will be seen by the user in the User Panel and registrations and payments that make the users can be seen in the Dev-Panel.


The Dev-Panel is included in the devpanel folder. Includes the executable devpanel.exe and the files from the Firebird database engine needed to manage locally the application data.




In addition, you will find the desktop shortcut icon to Dev-Panel.



The first time you run the Dev-Panel, the configuration screen will be displayed. Later you can access this form with this icon config08.




The image below can help you identify what values to enter in each field.




The Firebird local database file is automatically created the first time that you start the Dev-Panel with the name devpanel.fdb. This file is where a copy of all data on the remote MySQL database is saved.


You can also generate a new file for the  local database by selecting the tab "Create New Database then Connect", then entering a name for the file. In the figure below I entered 'mybase'. The extension ".fdb 'is automatically added.




If you select the "[x] Synchronize from the server" checkbox, a full synchronization will be performed. The local base will restart and all data from the remote database will be copied to the local database.


Then the registration screen will be displayed where you can enter the email address and password for your account on the site av-soft. The same values used to log-in:





The registration process uses the data entered to link the Dev-Panel with your subscription at AV-SOFT. After entering your email and password click the "Register Now" button. Later you can access this form with this icon regist08.


Then, a synchronization is performed and will be shown the main screen of the Dev-Panel.




Users Screen



The main screen is the "Users Screen". Below is shown the users screen with a lot of registered users:




To the left of the username are the status of the user subscriptions with small colored diamonds whose meanings are shown below:




Users Filter:


In the upper right area we see the controls "PRODUCT EDITION", "SUBSCRIPTION STATUS" and "CONTAINING TEXT" that filter the user list on the left according to what you select in these controls.




If your database is already with data and you installed the Dev-panel on a new computer, you must synchronize the data with the icon importasi08


There are  a set of icons at the upper left area that allow us access to a set of sub-screens and / or functions to perform different tasks, some of which have already seen. Below we briefly will explain each one:







Access the Products screen


Access the Configuration screen


Access the customization options


Access the Tips edition screen


Access the Messages screen, where can send email messages to users


Access the Registration screen


Perform full synchronization


Perform partial synchronization (only new records)


Sync latest changes made by the user


Throughout this document we will explain in more detail each of them: