2020-04-05 : New update for MyLock

I am pleased to inform you about a new update of MyLock v1.x with some improvements and minor bugs fixes.
I recommend that you download the package again and use the new component and MyPanel.
This is fully backward compatible.

2019-04-02 : New AVLock SS v3.x released

I am pleased to announce the release of the new AVLock SS v3.x
Register for free at http://av-soft.com

Some highlights of the new AVLock SS v3.x:

  • Support for php 7.1 and higher.
  • SSL automatic detection.
  • Automatic alert to the user about new version available.
  • New Dev-Panel with many improvements.

So far my components used the mCrypt encryption library that has been deprecated in PHP 7.1 and was removed from version 7.2. This forces me to launch new versions of my products. Now I'm using the OpenSSL library as replacement that works very well, but unfortunately it is not fully compatible with mCrypt, so the applications that are using my components will have to be modified, compiled and newly registered by the end users.

2017-03-29 : New product released: AVLock Express

The AVLock Express licensing product is a new, powerful and simple way to protect your software. It is much simpler to implement than previous versions of AVLock. Like AVLock SS, it is a subscription system where every user of your application has an account in the database of your website. This account contains the user's personal data and also the licensing data as the start and end date of the licensing period and other data that allows controlling the application settings, such as active modules, etc.

2015-05-30 : New Domain and email addresses

We inform our users that the following domain and emails will be no longer available:

These are currently availables:

2015-04-26 : New AVLock SIMPLE v6.2 Just Released!

AVLock Simple is a simple and powerful licensing component. The component simply does the work for you. It gives you the necessary features to retrieve the registration status and to register your application. You design the application interface and AVLock does the rest. You decide how to protect your application according with the registration status. In this way you will be able to implement all possible configurations for previous AVLock versions and much more. If you are a Delphi programmer and need to market your software securely, and you want that your potential customers to evaluate your products before they buy them, then AVLock SIMPLE is the solution that you are looking for.
Also, with this small component you will be able to manage the whole licensing cycle of your application through internet , namely:

  • Start the trial period.
  • Extend the trial period.
  • The user buy the application and send data to your website.
  • The user activate the application.
  • The user optionally moves the license to another computer.

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2015-03-24 : NEW AVLOCK SS v2x Released

If you develop applications in Delphi or Visual Studio, this product can be extremely useful for you.

  • It will allow you to sell your soft products over the Internet using PayPal or other payment methods.
  • All sales process is fully automated so that immediately after the payment the user can access their account and download the product.
  • For each user who buys a product, AVLock SS automatically initiates an account subscription valid for a fixed period, usually 90, 180 or 360 days. While the user account is active it will have access to download updates and request support.
  • You can define Renewals which extends the initial period in a certain number of days, usually 90, 180 or 360. The user does not need to wait for the expiry of the initial period to apply new periods, due that the new periods will be accumulated to the earlier ones.
  • You can optionally configure AVLock SS in order to stop working your application on the user PC when the associated user account is inactive, due the expiry of the authorized period or due that you manually disabled the user's account.
  • You can define messages to be sent automatically to users in the form of emails when the user account is in special situations such as when almost time to expire.
2014-11-26 : New version of AVLock SS coming soon

We are working on the new version v1.1 of AVLock SS with lots of improvements and bug fixes, and still continue working . For example, this new menu entry "News" is a new feature in version 1.1. If you have in mind some special feature to add in this version please let us know.